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The Art of the Lute in Renassiance Italy,
Volume IV: Lute Music of Giulio Cesare Barbetta

Giulio Cesare Barbetta was an important Italian lutenist composer from the second half of the 16th century. His publications of lute music pioneered music for 7 courses and contain pieces of outstanding quality and vitality. This edition contains Barbetta’s complete solo music from his 1569, 1582 and 1585 lute books. Taken together, this amounts to 76 dances, 21 intabulations, 14 fantasias, 6 preambulos and 6 arias in 248 music pages.
This book is available in either French or Italian tablature and sells for $40.00 plus $9.00 postage in the US or $22.00 international postage



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