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Masters of Polyphony – Volume One: A Survey of 15th Century Music for Renaissance Lute

Lyre Music Publications is pleased to announce the publication of Volume One of Masters of Polyphony, a new series devoted to 15th century vocal music intabulated for Renaissance lute. Volume One is a survey of music from this era. Containing more than 225 individual selections, our edition includes works by many of the best-known 15th century composers, such as John Dunstable, Guillaume Dufay, Gillis Binchois and Johannes Ockeghem, as well as lesser-known but fascinating composers like Johannes Touront, Walter Frye and Johannes Puyllois. In addition, there are many selections thought to be by the mid-15th century lutenist/organist, Conrad Paumann. All of this music has been newly intabulated for six-course lute by Dick Hoban and Sean Smith. For questions contact: <>

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